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Book Overview

If you wish to understand the emergence of the Caliphate of Islamic State on the global stage today, it is necessary to contextualise the formative influences. Nothing can justify the recent killings at Charlie Hebdo in Paris or Martin Place in Sydney, but what is the motivation for this primitive violence?

The Moral Vacuum is a deconstruction of the last fourteen years of modern politics. From the ramifications of the catastrophic attacks on the World Trade Centre to the fiscal upheaval of the global financial crisis and the political nexus between those two game-changing events – for they are not mutually exclusive. A reverse engineering of both calamities examines fact and logical probability and delivers conclusions that are challenging.

An extrapolation of these conclusions with the addition of population explosion and the evolving challenge of global political hegemony reveals the potential for a clash of civilisations on an unprecedented scale. The Middle East is bleeding, Israel is in a perpetual state of threat, Europe is in economic turmoil, China is evolving and developing rapidly and the supremacy that America deems their given right is under threat. The world is in metamorphosis and there is the very real capacity for a third world war . . .

. . . but with a nuclear conclusion.